Ryanair plane at Dublin AirportImage copyright © William Starkey/CC Geograph
Image caption Nine Dublin flights have been cancelled as part of a wider move by the firm

Several Ryanair flights to and from Dublin Airport are among those the firm has cancelled, as part of a wider move to address punctuality and staff leave.

The Irish airline announced on Friday that it plans to cancel 40 to 50 flights every day for the next six weeks across its operations.

It said it needed to improve the punctuality of its flights and clear a backlog of staff holiday entitlement.

Six arrivals and three departures to Dublin were cancelled on Saturday.

The affected arrivals are:

  • 10:00 flight from Paris-BVA FR023
  • 12:10 flight from Barcelona FR6874
  • 12:20 fight from Madrid FR7257
  • 14:50 flight from Amsterdam FR3103
  • 15:15 flight from Edinburgh FR817
  • 20:30 flight from London-LGW FR143

The cancelled departures are:

  • 11:05 flight to Amsterdam FR3102
  • 12:35 flight to Edinburgh FR816
  • 16:45 flight to London-LGW FR142

The airline has advised its passengers: “Your flight is operating as scheduled unless you have received a cancellation mail.

“Please check the email address used to make your booking.”

Ryanair also flies from Belfast International Airport but none of its flights have been affected to date.


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