Father Edward Owen meets Barney the Shetland pony
Image caption Father Edward Owen meets Barney the Shetland pony

Animals of all sizes have been in their Sunday best for a pet-friendly church service in Port Talbot.

Margam Abbey in Port Talbot opened its doors to all animals on Sunday for its annual thanksgiving service.

The 30-year-old tradition has seen everything from horses to goslings join the congregation.

“All animals are welcome from dogs, cats, hamsters and rabbits to ponies – there is plenty of room,” said Father Edward Owen.

‘Like Noah’s Ark’

“The annual pet service is very popular and has been running here for more than 30 years – in fact I remember going to it as a child myself.”

Father Owen visited Shetland pony Barney and owner Alison Thomas before for the service.

Ms Thomas, from Grugwyllt Fawr Farm, Margam, said: “The pet service is really good fun – it’s like Noah’s Ark inside the Abbey.”

The service took place at 15:30 BST.

Image caption Father Edward Owen and Alison Thomas


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