Image caption The Times says Theresa May is being urged by cabinet ministers to sack testosterone-fuelled “donkeys” and “indulgent safe-seat kids” behind a series of hostile leaks against the chancellor. Mrs May will tell warring colleagues that they are ushering Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn into Number 10 as she seeks to reimpose discipline at a cabinet meeting on Tuesday, the Times continues.
Image caption The Guardian focuses on the extra £1.3bn pledged for schools in England, saying Education Secretary Justine Greening raided the budget for free schools and new buildings to head off a Tory revolt. “She said schools would get the bailout over the next two years, after complaints from Conservative MPs that Theresa May’s failure to deal with concerns about struggling schools cost the government its majority at the election,” it says.
Image caption The Daily Telegraph leads on a National Audit Office report that found government departments were “struggling” to spend all the foreign aid money they had been allocated. The watchdog raised concerns that money is being wasted because of the “rush” by civil servants to reach the legal requirement of spending 0.7% of Britain’s income on overseas aid, adds the Telegraph.
Image caption The Daily Mail leads on the Electoral Commission report that found some people, including students, may have voted twice at the general election, which is a criminal offence. The Mail considers it an attempt to put Jeremy Corbyn into Downing Street.
Image caption The Metro says rail passengers plagued by delays are being promised minute-by-minute scrutiny of late-running trains – but without improved compensation. At the moment arrival times are registered only if a service more than 10 minutes late.
Image caption The i looks at the route of the HS2 high-speed rail line, saying Transport Secretary Chris Grayling promised it would spread wealth from London and the South East, but new homes will be demolished to make way for the multi-billion pound project.
Image caption The Daily Express says studies have suggested that a new super diet packed with brain-boosting foods can slash the risk of getting dementia. People who used olive oil each day, ate at least three portions of whole grains, plus two servings of vegetables and a handful of nuts were up to 35% less likely to develop it, the Express goes on to explain.
Image caption “One wants another little one”: The Sun claims a “broody” Duchess of Cambridge has told husband Prince William that she wants more babies.
Image caption The Daily Star forecasts a record-breaking summer for the British weather. “Britain will bask in two months of glorious sunshine,” says the Star, “with experts predicting a 36C heatwave.”
Image caption The Daily Mirror speaks to the brothers of Sarah Payne, the eight-year-old who was snatched in 2000, and they tell the paper about the guilt they feel over her abduction 17 years on.
Image caption The Financial Times says KKR has lined up two executives to succeed Henry Kravis and George Roberts, co-founders of the $138bn buyout group whose buccaneering style in the 1980s inspired the best-selling book Barbarians At The Gate.

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