Times front page
Image caption The Times says Theresa May will try to re-energise her general election campaign by urging working-class Labour and UKIP voters to switch to the Conservatives over Brexit. “With a new poll indicating that Labour is solidifying recent gains, the prime minister will seize on “aggressive” Brexit demands from Brussels to insist that only she can negotiate a deal to “define Britain’s future”, explains the Times.
Telegraph front page
Image caption Some of the papers manage to get Monday night’s live television election on their front pages. The Daily Telegraph says Mr Corbyn’s commitment to protecting the UK came under attack after he repeatedly refused to say whether he would launch a drone strike on terrorists plotting to bomb Britain.
Guardian front page
Image caption Meanwhile, the Guardian says Mr Corbyn fought off an interrogation by Jeremy Paxman, who questioned him on his beliefs about Britain’s nuclear deterrent, the IRA and the role of the monarchy.
I front page
Image caption The i says Paxman accused Mrs May of being a “blowhard” after a series of U-turns, adding that Mr Corbyn fended off repeated questions about his relationship with the IRA and Hamas.
Mirror front page
Image caption The Daily Mirror’s front page features an image of Manchester Arena bomber Salman Abedi on the day of the attack. “This is Salman Abedi just hours before the Manchester bombing with a suitcase police want to find,” says the Mirror.
Metro front page
Image caption The Metro leads on the death of a female zoo-keeper who was attacked by a tiger at a Cambridgeshire zoo. “Her colleagues were too distressed to talk to reporters but two of them, a man and a woman, who was fighting back tears, handed out a statement,” it reports.
Sun front page
Image caption The Sun names the victim as 33-year-old Rosa King. Visitor Pete Davis tells the paper that families ran screaming from the zoo, and quotes him as saying: “All hell broke loose. It was total panic.”
Mail front page
Image caption Witnesses said the victim’s colleagues desperately tried to save her by distracting the big cat with chunks of meat, reports the Daily Mail. Its front page also marks the passing of former Blue Peter presenter John Noakes who has died at the age of 83.
Express front page
Image caption The Daily Express says studies show that eating fish just once or twice a week could protect against dementia. The results, the Express continues, back up evidence that oily fish can help combat conditions such as Alzheimer’s.
Star front page
Image caption The Daily Star forecasts that Britain will bounce back from a violent electric superstorm on the bank holiday, and “sizzling” 25C summer temperatures should return before the weekend.
Financial Times front page
Image caption The Financial Times says big banks are throttling back from the $1.2tn US car loan market, fearing consumers have taken on more debt than they can handle.

A British Airways passenger who endured the chaos at Heathrow tells the Guardian that the terminal was the angriest place he had ever been.

A picture in the Daily Mail hints at the legacy of all that disruption.

It shows a sea of luggage, under the headline: “Now find our bags.”

Matt’s cartoon in the Daily Telegraph captures a more rueful mood.

A man in the departure lounge hands his wife a coffee, saying: “Great news, the baby on our flight has grown up and stopped crying.”

No-one doubts that BA has suffered what the Financial Times calls “brand damage”.

The Times asks: “Why was there such a lamentable failure to tell anyone what was going on?”

The Mail thinks that was unforgivable.

The Times says the airline has been left in “blunderland”, warning that there is little difference, these days, between BA and its low-cost competitors.

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The Sun describes the mauling to death of a keeper at Hamerton zoo, near Huntingdon, as a “bank holiday horror”.

It reports that families fled in panic, as a blood-curdling scream was heard.

A visitor tells the Telegraph that the keepers were rushing about with buckets of meat as they tried to get the tigers under control.

The Mail suggests the dead keeper, Rosa King, had entered the enclosure to help a colleague.

In the absence of a head-to-head confrontation between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn before the election, Monday night’s appearances by both on TV are picked over in detail.

The i thought they were bruised, but unharmed, by their encounters with a studio audience and Jeremy Paxman.

Image caption John Noakes with his faithful sidekick Shep

The paper thought Mrs May seemed competent and capable – while Mr Corbyn came across as confident, “at ease in his own skin”.

The Sun delivers its verdict with the headline “May versus Mayhem”.

But the Daily Mirror judged Mr Corbyn to have given “the best TV performance of his leadership”, describing him at the end as like a man on his allotment “admiring his runner beans”.

There is real affection for former Blue Peter presenter John Noakes, as the papers report his death with dementia.

“With his breezy persona and Beatles haircut,” says the Times, “he was an instant hit with young viewers.”

The Guardian says his “daredevil can-do attitude marked him out from his more sensible co-presenters”.

The paper says he was the programme’s “lord of misrule” during a golden age for Blue Peter and children’s television.

The Daily Express thinks he left a generation “inspired and delighted”.

Grace Dent in the i says she was “deeply smitten”, captivated by his “upbeat and politely irreverent manner”.

She says he was “not a grown-up, as such, but a large, brave, magical creature”.

The sometimes-startling weather over the bank holiday has provided a fine crop of pictures.

A dramatic photo in the Express shows a bolt of lightning in the skies over Ramsgate.

Another, in the Sun, captures an electrical storm above Canary Wharf in London.

A more lyrical image in the Times depicts the Milky Way above Durdle Door in Dorset.

Mac’s cartoon in the Mail is more down to earth.

A couple lie on loungers in their garden as the rain lashes down.

The wife says: “Do stop moaning! We could be stuck in the Bahamas with British Airways.”


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