Charlie ElphickeImage copyright PA
Image caption Charlie Elphicke has denied any “criminal wrongdoing”

A Conservative MP suspended by his party after “serious allegations” were made against him says he still does not know what he is accused of.

Charlie Elphicke, a former party whip who has been the MP for Dover and Deal since 2010, has denied any “criminal wrongdoing”.

In a statement, the married 46-year-old said: “So what then is [the] explanation for what I am accused of?”

The Conservative Party has not yet commented on his statement.

Referring to an explanation for his suspension, Mr Elphicke said: “I cannot give one. Because I do not know what I am accused of.”

The Conservatives have recently published a new code of conduct for MPs and other elected representatives.

Mr Elphicke, who was suspended last Friday, added: “The fact is that this whole area of reporting misconduct and managing allegations of misconduct is a mess.”


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