Grenville HamImage copyright Wales Green Party
Image caption Grenville Ham stepped up from deputy leader of the Wales Green Party in March

The challenge of climate change is “bigger than Brexit”, the leader of the Wales Green Party will claim later.

Launching his party’s manifesto, Grenville Ham will push the potential of renewable energy to “kickstart a green revolution” of the Welsh economy.

He will hail the “abundance” of natural resources in Wales but stress the need for investing public money in projects.

The Greens, who had one MP in England, are putting up candidates in 10 of the 40 Welsh constituencies.

“It is vital we face up to the challenges as well as the opportunities provided by climate change to ensure we can live sustainably on our one beautiful planet,” Mr Ham will say at the manifesto launch in Cardiff on Tuesday.

“Other parties talk about these things as an after-thought – we use them as a starting point for our vision of a fairer world with economic and social justice for everyone.

Image copyright PA
Image caption The Greens say renewable energy projects can create jobs and prosperity

“Our focus is on the policies that offer hope for young people in Wales.

“Investing in renewable energy will not only create many skilled jobs but can also provide revenue for community groups and farmers.”

The Greens are also calling for the introduction of a universal basic income for all adults as a solution to poverty among working people.

Deputy spokesperson Pippa Bartolotti said: “It is the great enabler for society, giving people the opportunity to start businesses, look after their children, train, upskill, wait for a suitable job locally and have peace of mind.

“In a world of increasing automation, we must make sure no single citizen gets left behind, or gets trapped in a slave economy of zero hours contracts.”


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