Police are conducting searches along the River Ogmore
Image caption Police found Mr Sherwood’s body during river searches

Police call handlers will receive more training in dealing with bad weather conditions after an investigation into their response to flooding before a man’s death.

Russell Sherwood, 69, was found dead inside his submerged car in the River Ogmore in Ewenny, Bridgend, three days after being reported missing.

The flooding had already been reported to South Wales Police earlier that morning.

One handler faces a misconduct meeting.

Image caption Police called Russell Sherwood’s death a “very tragic accident” at the time

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) found that Mr Sherwood was reported missing at about 9:00 GMT on 20 November 2016 after failing to collect his wife from work.

It was thought that his car was swept into the overflowing river at the same stretch of road reported flooded to the police by another member of the public three and a half hours earlier.

The IPCC investigator found that one call handler had a case to answer for misconduct over how he handled the initial flooding report. He will face a misconduct meeting with the force.

South Wales Police determined that a second call handler should be dealt with under staff performance procedures.

IPCC Operations Manager Melanie Palmer said: “No-one could have foreseen the tragic death of Mr Sherwood and my thoughts remain with his family and all those affected.

“After we shared our findings with the force, they have agreed to take steps to amend and improve their adverse weather action plans for control room staff.”

An inquest into the death of Mr Sherwood was held in June and returned a narrative verdict.


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