SAS selection deathsImage copyright PA/MOD
Image caption Cpl James Dunsby, L/Cpl Edward Maher and L/Cpl Craig Roberts died in July 2013

Two men have been charged with negligence over the deaths of three soldiers during an SAS selection march in the Brecon Beacons.

L/Cpl Edward Maher, L/Cpl Craig Roberts and Cpl James Dunsby were taking part in a 16-mile recruitment exercise on the hottest day of 2013.

A coroner ruled parts of the planning and conduct of the march were inadequate or not fit for purpose.

The Service Prosecution Authority confirmed charges had been brought.

The case will be heard in a military court and the maximum sentence is two years detention.

A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: “Any decision to prosecute any personnel, veteran or serving, is made by the Service Prosecution Authority (SPA), an independent body.”

L/Cpl Roberts, 24, from Penrhyn Bay, Conwy county, and L/Cpl Maher, 31 of Winchester, died on the exercise, while Cpl Dunsby, 31, from Wiltshire, was taken to hospital and died 17 days later.

All had suffered from hyperthermia, where the body no longer controls core temperature.

Image caption The soldiers collapsed during the march while carrying 50lbs (22kg) of equipment

An inquest held in 2015 heard a failure of basic medical care contributed to their deaths.

Initially, the SPA decided charges were not going to be directed against the pair, but relatives of the soldiers who died asked for the case to be reviewed.


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